1. Listen/purchase: For What It’s Worth by The Ruthless

    Guess what kids we just released an EP. What’s even cooler is you can have it for free. Wowza. 

  2. Upcoming Shows:

    3/23 Fubar St.Louis, MO- get your tickets from us!

    4/21 Cicero’s St. Louis, MO- get your tickets at https://tickets.aftonshows.com/TheRuthless2 & use promo code RUTHLESS435 to get $3 off each ticket! 

  3. NEW SONG- “Don’t Walk Away” (by Theruthlessofficial)

  4. Short video from our show last night at Cicero’s. 

  5. Come see us! 

  6. NEW VIDEO!!!

    Live From Loki’s Basement: Dead End Dreams

    (Source: youtube.com)


  7. Send us your art!!

    Pardon me Tumblr, we would like to invite all of you to submit designs and logos and all sorts of art shit to us because we’re ready to make shirts now. We’re thinking if you’re giving our music a chance we’ll do the same for your art, plus we want to look at as much as we can and then vote on which one gets on a shirt. All you have to do is post it on our facebook wall or find one of us and send it in a message. IT’S THAT EASY!

    Send us anything at all

  9. We’ve uploaded a new song from our demo!

    Listen to ‘Dead End Dreams’ & let us know what you think :)